Drawing and Art Study

Naoko Tacheuchi 

The creator of Sailor Moon and Mahou Shoujo 

The creator of Sailor Moon is one of my all time favorite artists. I was actually super happy and excited to see that she was featured for a short time at the Ropongi Mori Art Museum. She was one of the first artists who really inspired me growing up and created this beautiful world with her manga which was then turned into an anime/television series. I remember constantly copying her art style, and reading various information on how she would draw from online posts. She uses primarily pencils, inks, markers, and watercolor. Since most of her work is either full drawings or quick manga (comic) sketches. I chose these two images particularly because they’re from the first manga/comic which was featured in Nakoyoshi magazine in Japan in 1991/92. Her art style started the magical girl revolution in Japan and America, and features a teenage girl who saves Earth from darkness. She really utilizes black to emphasize dark colors, death, sadness, and details while the bright colors, light tones, and warmth that is shown above is a prominent feature of Naoko’s work and really emphasizes goodness. Also with studying her work, I’ve noticed the small differences from the first panel and page, character roughs and first comic, to the most recent redraw for Sailor Moon Crystal and the re-publishing of the manga. This really shows that art can always be improved, worked on, and nothing is ever finished. 

Naoko Tacheuchi really inspired me growing up, and to this day I love pulling out my manga and studying her work. Or looking online at the artbooks she produced (which have not yet been reproduced) and just analyzing the colors, the outfits, and her use of water color versus inks. She really also enjoyed using doilies to create patterns and texture within her artwork. The use of mixed media is still a favorite of mine, and one I constantly try to strive for. Look outside of common source materials and find something new to utilize. I have been thinking that I might want to pursue a career in the arts permanently, hopefully inspire young girls like she inspired me, maybe do line art and work on comic books or some other form of media. I am not much of a writer, but I’ve found drawing with ink, pencil, pens to really appeal to me again and I don’t want to stop. I want to help the next generation of women grow and be inspired, just like Naoko inspired me, and continues to inspire me. Girl power, feminism, these are things worth fighting for.

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