Cosplay Fame does not lead to fortune

Honestly, if you are reading this you’ve probably stumbled across my blog unintentionally. Perhaps you’re cute and people tell you how awesome you are and you look up to famous cosplayers, or people you percieve to be famous and go “Man, I wish I had their fame/friends/life”.

Well let me tell you something.

The image portrayed online is not reality. It’s a small portion of perception and how they want you to perceive them.

Cosplay will not bring you:
Deals with big companies
Branding opportunities
Financial success

The only thing that will bring these to you is the hard work you put in outside of conventions. Being a social influencer and content creator is hard work. It’s a real job. It’s not just about how pretty or talented you are, it’s about your ability to wake up every day and do the same thing’s over and over, and over again.

As a person with first hand experience, I know. Playing dress up is fun, but it does not pay the bills. It doesn’t even lead to clout these days. So do it because you like to, not because you want to be famous.

Fame doesn’t pay the bills. Every successful person you see (and I’m not talking big time celebs or those in mainstream media) has worked very hard for over a decade to get to where they are. Many have multiple sources of income and do not rely on one source.

This is a hobby first and foremost.

I enjoy cosplay, I really do. I like the ability to be creative and craft, and make new friends. There are communities I don’t like and don’t participate with, but over all, I’m drawn to playing dress up. But it is an expensive hobby, and one that I find weird to have people “fund” as it doesn’t really add value back into the community.

It’s why I held a Twitter poll on whether to cosplay Guilty Gear or BlazeBlue. I like adding value to communities and creating things people will enjoy seeing. I like community interaction. As a content creator, I have to look for multiple revenue streams that include traditional work just to get by. Most of the big name ‘players out there do this as well.

There’s a difference between fame and fortune. Clout can help you grow, but if you want to maintain that first burst of followers, you have to actively engage, create, and work.

Some of the ways you can utilize cosplay to make money will be shared in a follow up post!

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