2020 Challenge

One of the hardest thing’s for me is constantly producing content. I have executive dysfunction, depression, and a slew of health problems which can really interfere with my aspirations. Like writing. However, I’m challening myself to have one new post daily that is relevant, interesting, a teaching moment, and worthwhile.
I plan to use a proper calendar and have tasks written out to achieve daily. I think having physical objects that I see and can remind me to work towards will keep me engaged online, and less likely to just scroll away on my phone. Writing is something I enjoy doing, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have started this blog!

What do you plan to challenge yourself to do? Will you utilize scheduling content in advance or just waiting until the last minute to get things going like I have?
Let me know in the comments on what you plan to achieve in 2020. Is there something that interests you that you’ll be doing/seeing?

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