Seattle Event: Bonus Round!

Bonus Round is a monthly FGC event with rotating games. For February 29th, the game will be GranBlue Fantasy VS. A brand new fighting game, that has not released in America! Competitors will be playing on Japanese and Hong Kong versions of the game, as they have since the launch of GranBlue Fantasy VS on February 6th, 2020.

GranBlue Fantasy VS is an anime fighting game that follows the story of Gran or Djeeta as they explore a fantasy world and fight evil. In the game there is an RPG mode, a versus mode, an online option, and a great training room. At release there is the ability to play from 11 characters, with 5 more to be released through out the year. The game is developed in part by Cygames and XSeed.

Competition entry fee: 15$
All spectator’s will be free.
Taking place at Trinity Nightclub in Downtown Seattle.
On site registration closes at 4:30PM.

Pre-register through and compete against some of Seattle’s finest! Bonus Round has a pot of 300$!

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